i grew up on a farm

and since our cows weren’t interested in playing tag or selling lemonade with me, I found that I had to create my own fun. At age 9, I started my own “production company” in which I played the roles of director, writer, producer, and the entire cast.

Fourteen years later, I realized that my childhood fun gave me more than hours of priceless videos to cringe and laugh at with my friends (click the video of the strange looking kid to see for yourself).  I figured out that I could use my imagination to make people happy, and I plan on continuing to do that. 



McGarrah Jessee / June 2018 - present / Art Director

McKinney / Summer 2017 / Art Direction Intern

Nalls Farm Market / 2013 - 2017 / Produce Expert


VCU Brandcenter / 2016 - 2018 /  M.S. Business + Branding, Art Direction

Christopher Newport University / 2012 - 2016 / B.S.B.A, Marketing + B.A. Communication Studies


Feel free to shoot me an email if you'd like to chat! You can reach me at sarahewallace.ad@gmail.com

Find a more detailed resume here.