phodographers wanted - passion project

I wanted to create something that would combine two of my favorite things - photography and dogs - and would leave a positive impact on the world.


Several studies have shown that an attractive, high quality photo of a dog can dramatically increase their likelihood of adoption. I decided to volunteer my photography chops and took photos of dogs at rescues in the Richmond area. The results moved me to tears as I watched all of the dogs I had photographed find homes.

Before + After

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phodographers wanted


The thought that I was playing a part in helping dogs find homes made me so happy that I started thinking about how I could expand my project to help more animals and organizations. 

Most rescue organizations recognize that quality photography is beneficial to adoption rates, but may not have the time or resources to collect quality photos of their animals.

Phodographers Wanted serves as a hub that connects photographers to rescue organizations that are in need quality photos of their dogs. Photographers enter their information into a simple form on our website, and rescue organizations can search our database of volunteers to find somebody in their area and schedule a photo session.

Check out our website and branding.


what's next?

Once PW creates a solid network of photographers and this project continues to grow, I want to continue to build the PW brand. I'd love to use merchandise as a means for fundraising in order to further benefit rescues and promote our photographed dogs via Instagram.


Special thanks to Nick Carr and Kelly Prudente for their help on this project!